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Amina Uba Hassan unveils intriguing stories as ‘Jamila’ in Labarina Hausa Series


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In an interview with TRT AFRIKA, Amina uba Hassan, a Kannywood actress known as Jamila in the “Labarina” series, gave hints on her character in the movie.

Daily News 24 monitors the interview and brings you the excerpts below:

How did you find yourself in the “Labarina” series?

Well, I can say that God made it happen, but I never imagined that currently, the way I am today, I would begin shortly after my work, despite the fact that this isn’t the first movie I played, and now it turns out that I am in a movie like “Labarina.”

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How did you feel when you were cast as Jamila in “Labarina”?

When it was announced that I would play Jamila, I was completely taken aback since I adore the character, her strength of character, and the way she tackles situations.

Although it’s a movie,. How did your emotions change when Al’Amin emerged as Mai Nasara, the philanthropist?

Wow (she laughed) I was simply staring at it as if it were something real that happened; you know we aren’t together, I was astonished and at the same time devastated deep in my heart, I felt if this wasn’t a movie, I would have missed my opportunity, I truly felt like

Are you truly greedy, as demonstrated in your current role in “Labarina”?

(Laughs) Who in this world does not enjoy money? It’s simply that everyone has their own attitude; money is a valuable thing, but the way I came across as Jamila and how much she loves money is not who I am. However, I am aware that I want money in my personal way.

Have you appeared in any previous Kannywood films, or is “Labarina” your debut?

I once appeared in a Kaduna-made film named “Teburin Mai Shayi” that was directed by Sani Danja, where I portrayed the governor’s wife. I have also played “Gidan Danja,” “Matan Alhaji,” and am currently starring in “Labarina.”

What advice do you have for women who are greedy, such as Jamila from the “Labarina” series?

(She shook her head.) Well, if you have such thoughts or something like in mind, stay away from them; fate never changes, and what is yours will undoubtedly come to you.

But, in terms of characters like Jamila, I hope no woman experiences such. My advice to women is to live a quiet life, take things carefully, calm down, focus your attention, and to have trust in shaa Allah.

What’s your favourite scene from “Labarian”?

My favourite scene was when I approached Al’amin and offered him ten million naira to divorce Maryam.

Who is your favourite hero from the “Labarina” series?

All of them are fantastic; I can’t say who is the most amazing; however, the person who impresses me the most with his acting style and ability to transition from a particular role to another is Sadiq Sani Sadiq.


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