As APC throws open all tickets, can it end alleged emirate dominance in Kebbi?

Haruna Usman writes from Kebbi

Even as the journey to 2023 general elections is still very far, political atmosphere in Kebbi is already tensed as battle for succession begins with cries from other emirates that made up kebbi,the four emirates which are Gwandu,
Argungu, Yauri and Zuru are alleging that Gwandu emirate have dominated the number one seat of Kebbi state, from Senator Adamu Aleiru to Saidu Nasamu dakin gari to the present governor Senator Atiku Bagudu all from Gwandu emirate.
Politics has always been a game of number the majority usually carry the day but the agitators  wrote on pages of newspapers that Gwandu should allow another emirate to produce the next governor even as their number and the population cannot alone win kebbi governorship, their allegations has been that incumbent governors always prepare their successors and support them to win.
Pressure mounts when it became obvious to the agitators that perhaps the current minister of justice and attorney general of the federation Abubakar Malami may be eyeing the seat though he is yet to make formal declaration but his body language points to that hence the coordinated pressure from the alleged marginalized emirates.
Political analysts are of the view that since the National body of the ruling All progressives congress (APC) recently jettisoned zoning such decision will trade off fears of marginalisation as such will provide a impartial level playing field for both agitators, in addition such huge stand of the APC will bring about fierce political battle not only in Kebbi but across the country, now the ball is the court for all lets see who will carry the day.
Concerned citizens of Kebbi are of the firm believe that, what Kebbi needs now is not who comes from where but who can unify the state and bring about positive development in the state, Kebbi requires a detribalised leader who will carry every one along regardless of his emirate, religion or tribe.

Finally to the agitators my call on them is to sheath their swords go home and prepare for the battle ahead which in the end will determine the very unity of Kebbi or otherwise.

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