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EXCLUSIVE: From Early Life to Success: The inspirational story of 30-year-old Kano water truck pusher


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By Aburrahman Adam and Isah Tukuntawa

In today’s ever-changing society, individuals experience both peaks and valleys on their journey through life.

Some stumble upon opportunities that align perfectly with their interests, while others find themselves in less desirable circumstances.

In this exclusive story, Daily News 24 unveils the remarkable tale of Malam Hamza Tukur, a 30-year-old visionary entrepreneur who has built a successful career as a water truck pusher.

His story sheds light on the often overlooked yet vital nature of this profession.

Early Life and Current Residence

Malam Hamza Tukur, a proud Kano state citizen, resides in the vibrant Zangon Dakata, situated in Ungogo Local Government Area, Kano, Nigeria.

Despite living a solitary life due to his single status, Malam Tukur has taken up the mantle of responsibility not only for himself but also for his parents and extended family.

Malam Hamza Tukur, Kano water truck pusher – (photo – Abdurrahman Adam)

Now marking 11 years in the industry, Malam Tukur’s career in the water truck pusher business began as a means to support his daily needs and provide for his loved ones.

“My name is Malam Hamza Tukur, and I am a citizen of Kano State. I live in Zangon Kakata in Ungogo local government.

“I live my life alone because I am still single, and this business of Garuwa (water truck pushing business), on which I rely, pays for my needs and those of my parents and relatives.

“I have been in this business for eleven years, in which I have been buying clothes, amenities, and all my possessions that I buy and throw away. I have received many blessings because of this business.

“I’ll come here sometime when I’m calm, and I’ll continue my studies, and then I’ll build a house and get married.” Tukur narrates.

The Secretive Yet Demanding Profession

Through his hard work, he has been able to furnish himself and his family with essentials and various amenities.

The water truck pusher business, while often shrouded in secrecy, is not without its share of challenges.

Malam Hamza Tukur posed while answering questions from Abdurrahman Adam, Daily News 24 Digital Journalist

Those in this line of work must exhibit immense commitment and patience in the face of adversity.

Rainy seasons, for instance, pose a considerable obstacle to their operations, leading some individuals to undermine the significance of their contributions.

“Our profession is very secretive, but it is also full of challenges because we have to endure a lot and be patient.

“Like when it’s rainy season, work is not very good, so when some people see you in this kind of business, they will look down on you.

“Every time people show me something like that, I feel very uncomfortable, but I hold back and leave it in my mind.” He narrated.

Rising Above Stereotypes

Confronting the prejudice attached to his occupation, Malam Tukur experienced discomfort when encountering individuals who dismissed the value of his work.

Nevertheless, he persevered, choosing to rise above such judgement and focus on his objectives. Notably, he recalls a time when he effortlessly transported three trucks simultaneously, earning him the nickname ‘Mai Dawainiya’ (water truck pusher) in the Rangaza neighbourhood he served.

“I will never forget the time when I was famous for pushing up to three trucks.

“I was going to Rangaza neighbourhood, which is by Dakata camp. I filled three trucks and brought them together to Rimin Kebe.

“This effort to push three trucks together is what made people call me ‘Mai Dawainiya’.” He added.

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