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Honest Keke rider returns passenger’s lost iPhone 14 Pro Max


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In a heartwarming incident that unfolded in Kumasi, Ghana, a dedicated and honest Keke rider has gained widespread recognition and praise for going the extra mile to return a passenger’s invaluable iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This act of integrity has showcased the rider’s exceptional character and sparked gratitude from the phone’s owner.

The Keke rider’s remarkable act came to light when the passenger, who had unknowingly left behind his prized iPhone 14 Pro Max in the tricycle, was pleasantly surprised by the rider’s unwavering honesty. Overwhelmed with relief, the passenger decided to take immediate action by dialing his own number.

To his surprise and gratitude, the rider answered the call promptly and without hesitation, agreeing to meet the passenger to facilitate the identification and safe return of the lost phone. Throughout the interaction, the unnamed Keke rider exuded tranquility and sincerity, emphasizing his genuine desire to locate the rightful owner and ensure the phone’s secure return.

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Deeply appreciative of the Keke rider’s integrity, the passenger decided to show his gratitude and gifted the rider ¢300, equivalent to N20,128.82. This generous reward expressed the passenger’s sincere acknowledgement of the rider’s act of selflessness and the impact it had on him.

Expressing his heartfelt thanks, the Keke rider gratefully accepted the reward. He expressed his sincere gratitude, mentioning that while he had returned lost items to their owners in the past, many failed to offer any compensation or even express gratitude. The rider was genuinely pleased with the monetary reward, remarking how it was a significant gesture for him.


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