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Kano Furniture makers declare 3-day strike over rising cost of goods

Umar Idris Shu’aibu - Kano

Furniture makers under the organisation called Gandun Albasa General Furniture Association have embarked on a three-day warning strike after the price hike of materials goes up daily.

Daily News 24 reports that industrial action started on the 18th of October and will end on 20th of October, 2021.

The Chairman Gandun Albasa General Furniture Association, Malam Nafi’u Nuhu, made it known during an interview with Daily News 24 in Kano.

Nafi’u Nuhu said the situation is deteriorating because the cost of raw materials made their members lose focus in the business, and running the occupation at a loss.

The Chairman Gandun Albasa Furniture Association added that there is a need for the Government to look at the issue, considering the thousands of youth and family people that get their means of livelihood from the business.

“Our business is something that has a multiplier effect because carpentry is a general name that comprises Business people that sell up the finishing goods such as wood chairs, bed and so on.

“If the rise in the raw materials continues, many of our members will not be able to run their businesses well and get profit like any other business people,” Malam Nafi’u Nuhu.

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