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Daily News 24 is one of Nigeria’s fast-growing independent online News platforms that provides updates round the clock with breaking news, top stories, videos, photos, special reports, exclusive interviews and more.

All contents publish or printed are basically in line with our principles and ethics of journalism.

All sponsored content or third-party advertisements content by either printing, digitally online, or redirected ads, prints, or other means does not represent Daily News 24 or the publisher, Ayrah Media Concept Limited but the bearer, company, business, individuals, groups, or any party involved.

We understand readers, viewers’ rights including government policies to enable us gives accurate, authentic, and unbias content through the sole aim of a free world without crime and injustice.

We patronize legal and legitimate means of funds raising from sponsors to build more editorial and independent journalism by building more bridges of trust in news production.

Ou advertising guidelines, terms, and conditions are visible with the principles of our guidelines.