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EXCLUSIVE: Why recruiting female DJs in Kano is difficult – DJ Maidoki


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A prominent disk jockey (DJ) in Kano, Aminu Bala aka DJ Maidoki has explained that it is difficult to recruit women that can play the role of DJs in Kano state due to religious and cultural constraints.

Mr Maidoki made the observation during an exclusive interview with Daily News 24 reporter Usman Muhammad Opera on Thursday, while reacting to the decision of the Kano State Hisbah Board to ban male DJs from performing at female events.

Recall that the head of the Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa had on Tuesday announced that henceforth, only women would be allowed to officiate at women’s gathering in order to reduce immorality, occasioned by indiscriminate mixing of opposite genders during ceremonies.

But speaking on the issue Mr Maidoki said even though he supports the new policy of the Hisbah Board, he added however that recruiting women to become DJs due to religious and cultural discrimination.

He said even the male DJs suffer serious challenges because they are being discriminated against due to the nature of their job.

“It is really difficult to train females as DJs because even we the men, the moment you identify yourself as a DJ, you lose respect in the society.

“In fact, some of our members could not get married simply because their business in being a DJ,” he said.

He added: “So, this means a woman would find it even harder to be accepted in our society as a DJ.

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“But I’m happy that it is the Hisbah Board that has introduced this policy because parents would now relax and allow their daughters to perform as DJs.

“I commend (Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim) Daurawa on this new policy because it is a good development for our business”.

However, Mr Maidoki observed that in certain events, it is the women that encourage the mixing of males and females together.

“I have witnessed many times when female relatives of a bride or groom would ask males to join them in dancing even if we tried to stop it,” he said.

“So, in most cases it is not the fault of DJs if men and women decide to mix together in ceremonies. Some people may not hire you again if you try to enforce segregation in their events,” he added.


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