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‘Fatima Mai Zogale’: How Rarara’s song caused trouble between Abuja food vendor, maid


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It all started last week when a notable Hausa musician, Dauda Adamu Kahutu aka Rarara released a song titled ‘Fatima Mai Zogale’, in honour of a mysterious moringa leaves seller.

Daily News 24 reports that in less than an hour, the song, had gone viral across northern social media space, with Mr Rarara’s fans sharing and mimicking the song.

Mr Rarara, who shared the song on his social media handles, also attached a photo of Fatima Mai Zogale, the subject of his eulogy.

It was learnt that Fatima Mai Zogale is a maid serving in an obscure restaurant in Area 3, a neighbourhood in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

Ms Fatima was said to have met Mr Rarara at her employer’s restaurant and expressed her delight at seeing the Hausa singer, who she said she had been praying to meet in person.

It was gathered that Mr Rarara who was happy to see one of his fans so excited with meeting him, decided to serenade Ms Fatima shortly after.

Big delight, big trouble

However, less than 24 hours after Rarara’s hit song, news filtered in that Ms Fatima’s employer, one Aisha Yahuza Suya, had sacked her.

According to the reports, Aisha was particularly bitter that Mr Rarara did not mention her name in the song that serenaded her employee.

But as the news began to gain traction, Ms Aisha emerged in a short video clip, dismissing the allegations that she had sacked Ms Fatima.

She claimed that Fatima resigned from her work because she told her she was getting married.

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“I’m here to respond to claims that I have sacked my maid Fatima because Rarara had performed a song for her.

“I wish to state that I did not sack her. She was brought to my shop just last month after she lost her job. So, I told her that I was into moringa business and offered to give her at one of my joints in Yahuza Suya,” Ms Aisha explained.

She added that “about five days ago, someone told me that Rarara had bought moringa leaves from my joint in Yahuza Suya and he was so satisfied with its taste that he promised to come back.

“I was at my shop when Fatima came around 11pm and told me she wanted to quit the job and that I should pay her for her services.

“But I said we should talk in the morning because it was already late. I also told her that the Yahuza joint was not bringing in money so I didn’t have enough money to pay her at that moment.

“However, Fatima insisted that I should pay her because she was getting married on Friday (last week).

“The following day, I borrowed some money and paid her. I even told her I was willing to assist her but I didn’t have money.

“Unfortunately, I woke up to see people insulting me on social media, accusing me of sacking Fatima because Rarara sang for her. It’s not true”.

It’s pure lies – Mai Zogale

But in her response to her former employer’s claims, Ms Fatima insisted that Ms Aisha kicked her out of her job.

“I heard my former employer denying that she sacked me. This is the second time we had problem with her.

“The first time was during Ramadan fasting when someone gave me two textile materials and Aisha demanded that I must give her one. But I did not give her because the person told me to take one material and give the other to my mother.

“So, Aisha was so angry that she sacked me during Ramadan,” she explained.

Ms Fatima added that after she was sacked, business at the Yahuza joint collapsed and her boss Aisha had to call her to return.

“It was just two weeks after my return to the job that I met Rarara, the musician.

“I introduced myself and told him I was pleased to meet him because I’m a big fan of his songs. Just two days later, I heard a song “Fatima Mai Zogale”, flying around.

“I didn’t even have a smartphone, so someone put it on for me on his phone. I was so grateful for the song,” she said.

According to Ms Fatima, trouble started when some people, who are believed to be Mr Rarara’s agents came to take her picture to be used as a poster for the song.

“So, when I closed shop, I met Aisha who told me that she heard my song. She asked me whether the moringa joint belonged to me or her.

“I apologised and said it belonged to her but the song had brought us success because we had made a lot of sales,” she narrated.

According to Ms Fatima, her boss Aisha continued to be angry with her even after she apologized for not seeking her permission for the picture that was used for the song.

“The following day, she came to the shop and told me that she had sacked me. I begged her in tears and apologised to her but she insisted that I had to leave.

“She said I must leave since her name was not used in the song that eulogised me because she owned the moringa shop not me.

“So, I want to state here that Aisha lied when she claimed that she did not sack me. And on the issue of marriage, it has been postponed. But I wish my former boss success just as I wish for myself,” Ms Fatima said in a short video clip, that has gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, as Mr Rarara’s fans revel in the new hit song, the musician has reportedly offered to support Ms Fatima with a capital and a business premises, where she can continue her trade.


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