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How to block your opay account [Simple Steps]


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Are you looking to block your Opay account but unsure of the steps to take? Follow these simple steps to block your account.

Opay is a popular financial institution in Nigeria that offers a wide range of services including money transfers, bill payments, airtime, data, betting, electricity, TV, and more.

Opay, despite being relatively new, has gained a reputation for its reliability and excellent customer service.

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However, there are individuals who want to deactivate their Opay accounts for various reasons.

Some possible reasons could be:

If you find yourself in a situation where your phone, which contains your OPay account, has been stolen or misplaced, it’s natural to be concerned about the thieves potentially gaining access to your Opay account. If you find yourself in a situation where there is a security breach or unauthorised access into your Opay account, you may need to take immediate action to block it.

I have lost interest in using Opay

Some individuals may opt to block their Opay accounts if they no longer wish to utilise this financial institution. They may have recently chosen to switch to different financial institutions, leading them to request the blocking of their Opay account.

Looking for some time off

Some individuals may choose to deactivate their Opay accounts temporarily if they require a break. For some individuals, it can be helpful to limit their spending or take a temporary break from their Opay accounts.

If you find yourself in any of the mentioned categories or have any other reason for wanting to block your Opay account, this article is tailored to your needs.

To block your Opay account, you can follow any of the steps below:

If you want to block your Opay account over the phone, simply reach out to Opay customer care. To get started, reach out to Opay’s Customer Service through the provided phone numbers – 0700 8888328 or 01 888328. These numbers will connect you directly to a customer care representative at Opay.

When they respond, kindly inform them of your intention to block your Opay account and provide the reason for your request.

The customer care representative will request certain information from you, including:

Please provide your Opay account number.

What is your name?

Please provide your phone number.

-and the record of your past transactions.

If the Opay customer care representative determines that the information you provided is accurate, they will proceed with blocking your Opay account as per your request.

Blocking your Opay account is also possible through the Opay app. If you have concerns about potentially fraudulent or suspicious activity on your Opay account, you have the option to easily restrict or block your account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on blocking your Opay account using the app:

  • Access your Opay app by logging in
  • Find the Customer Service Centre or the section with a headset icon and click on it. Here is the way to the Customer Service Centre.
  • Access the Live Chat feature and engage with OPay Customer Service to initiate the process of blocking your Opay account.
  • If you’ve noticed any suspicious activity on your Opay account, you have the option to restrict it. One way to accomplish this is by utilising the Opay USSD code.

If you’ve unfortunately misplaced or had your Opay ATM card stolen, you can easily resolve the issue by dialling 955132# and following the prompts.

In the event that your phone goes missing or is stolen, you can take immediate action to secure your Opay account. Just dial 955131# and carefully follow the instructions provided to restrict your account.


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