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Jadrolita Biography: Age, Family, Real Name, Career and Boyfriend


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Jadrolita Biography – Meet A.I. Jarvis, the TikTok sensation who has wowed the social media world with her unrivalled creativity. Jarvis, who is from Edo State in Nigeria, has a unique talent for pretending to be an AI robot while gaining views, followers, and recognition.


Jadrolita Biography and wiki

Who is A.I. Jarvis, or Jadrolita? Jadrolita, formerly known as AI Jarvis, is one of the most stunning fast-rising content creators, TikTok stars, and Instagram sensations.

Jadrolita, also known as A.I Jarvis, is stunning and has a distinct style of creating content. She is a skilled and talented star making waves on social media. A.I Jarvis is currently the most talked-about TikTok sensation because of the content she created that mimicked robots.

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Jadrolita, a TikTok sensation, rose to prominence after posting one of her videos on the platform, which went viral on social media. Since then, Jadrolita has become famous and is followed by popular celebrities.

Jadrolita, formerly known as A.I Jarvis, is well-known for impersonating robots, which propelled her to stardom and earned her a large number of social media followers. In addition to impersonating robots, she has a flawless body, which she displays on her social media pages.

Jadrolita, or African A.I walked like a robot, turning as if she was controlled by a button. Many social media users have praised Jadrolita, describing her as a talented superstar. So her fans expressed their desire to see her in a film.

Jadrolita is regarded as Africa’s most desirable robot and is marketed as the continent’s number one A.As a result, she has gained social media followers from celebrities such as Funke Akindele, Don Jazzy, Moyo Lawal, Tolu Odunsi, Egungu of Lagos, Abidemi Awotale, Whitemoney, Hemes Iyele, Phoebe Odekina Esohe Ejura, and many others.

Jadrolita Family, parents, and siblings

Jadrolita Amadou Elizabeth Aminata was born into the family of Mrs. and Mrs. Amadou in Benin City, Edo State. Jadrolita’s parents reside in Benin City, Edo State. Her father is from Edo State, and her mother is from Yoruba. Jadrolita has siblings, including brothers and sisters. Jadrolita once shared a video of herself and her brother on her TikTok page.

Jadrolita (A. I Jarvis) Religion

Is Jadrolita Christian or Muslim? Jadrolita was born and raised following the Christian faith. Her father or mother is Christian, not Muslim. Jadrolita was taught about God and how to follow Christ’s example, which has kept her going as she continues to follow God’s path. Based on this, we can conclude that Jadrolita is a Christian and not a Muslim.

Jadrolita’s Height and Weight

How tall is Jadrolita? Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, also known as Jadrolita, stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 68 kilogrammes.

Jadrolita’s Educational Background

Jadrolita attended primary and secondary school in Benin City, Edo State. After successfully completing her junior and secondary school certificates, she enrolled at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo State, where she is now a 300-level undergraduate. Jadrolita’s course of study or discipline is unknown at this time, but she is likely an art student.

Jadrolita’s rise to stardom

Jarvis, also known as Jadrolita, is not just imitated; she outperforms her imitators with seriousness and dedication. Dressed in a meticulously crafted robot suit, she flawlessly mimics artificial intelligence speech patterns, captivating audiences during live TikTok performances.

Jadrolita’s Real Name

Jadrolita’s actual name is Amadou Elizabeth Aminata. While she is known online as “Jadrolita” or “Jarvis,” she goes by her given name in person and in school.

Jadrolita State of Origin: Early Life and Education

Jadrolita, the internet sensation known for her distinctive robot-like persona, is from Edo State, Nigeria. Born Amadou Elizabeth Aminata in 2002 (21 years old), she received her primary and secondary education in Benin City and is now a 300-level student at Ambrose Alli University, cementing her ties to the state.

Jadrolita BiographyCareer

Her rise to prominence stems from her flawless imitation of an AI robot. She has gained recognition in the social media realm by collaborating with top skit makers and demonstrating her unique acting abilities. She recently appeared in the film “A Weekend Away,” directed by Lord Lamba.

Jadrolita’s Instagram

Jadrolita has a verified Instagram account under the handle @jadrolita_. With over 728k followers, she shares glimpses into her life, such as comedic robot-themed content, fashion, and cultural events.

Relationship Status and Dating

Is Jadrolita involved in a relationship? Jadrolita, also known as A.I Jarvis, may be in a serious relationship, but the TikTok and Instagram influencer has yet to reveal who she is dating or in a relationship with.

Jadrolita’s Boyfriend

Who is Jadrolita’s boyfriend? Jadrolita is rumoured to be dating Tiktoker Peller, but neither Peller nor Jadrolita have confirmed the rumours. Peller and Jadrolita are simply good friends who create great content together.

Disclaimer: This Jadrolita Biography was curated from online sources. Daily News 24 could not independently verify the information above.


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