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Kebbi rams market booms amid excruciating cash crunch

By Haruna Usman, Birnin Kebbi

Some few days away from Eid-ul-Adha, ram markets are booming in Kebbi State as hundreds of slaughtable rams have been displayed to attract buyers.

The annual festive period unite muslim in the ram sacrifice which is part of worship.
Sacrifice of animals start from rams to sheep, he-goat and bull depending what one can afford, ram is the top for the act of worship hence the huge patronage.
Daily News 24 correspondent in Kebbi, Haruna Usman visited the Birnin Kebbi kara market.
He observed that insecurity and high price of animal feeds are responsible for the exorbitant prices of rams and other animals.
A ram seller Abubakar mai rago said that, they usually buy livestock from other places but now they cant travel due high rate of insecurity in the country.
“We now rely on the livestock we rear here at home but the animals feeds are very expensive so animals must be expensive.”
Mai rago who denied that it was because the state government have paid workers salary for June ram prices skyrocketed.
He added that once the salaries are paid the mood of the town changes for few days.
Civil servants who do not want to be mentioned said even with the pay it is difficult to buy ram because it’s poor and the prices of food items are quite high and gulps a large portion of the salary but with or without the ram sallah will hold come Tuesday.
As the days roll by, hope is still high that some sort of divine intervention may change the situation of the helpless rams buyers.

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