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Open Letter: Urgent call for reforming Kano APC to ensure inclusiveness, merit, and party loyalty


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Dear Leaders of the Kano All Progressives Congress (APC),

I write to you today as a concerned member of the Kano APC, deeply committed to the principles of inclusiveness, meritocracy, and party loyalty that our great party stands for. It is with great conviction and hope that I address this letter to draw your attention to the urgent need for reform within our party, from the grassroots level to higher echelons of leadership.

One of the critical elements in reforming the party is to create an enabling environment for hardworking men and women, ensuring that their efforts are recognized and adequately rewarded. The current structures that pervade the party from chapters to wards, local government areas, and even the state level should be reformed to accommodate and empower those individuals who have shown unwavering commitment to the party’s goals and ideals. This inclusiveness will foster a sense of ownership and dedication among party members, ultimately strengthening the Kano APC as a whole.

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However, in this pursuit of inclusiveness, it is paramount that we remain vigilant against praise singers and political opportunists who shift their loyalties from one power house to another depending on personal gains. Such individuals contribute to the erosion of party loyalty and disrupt the harmonious functioning of our organization. Therefore, while we strive for inclusiveness, we must also promote merit and discipline, selecting leaders based on their proven track record of service and their unwavering commitment to the party’s cause.

Nepotism has regrettably become a concern plaguing our political landscape. To combat this, we must eliminate any form of favouritism and uphold meritocracy as the primary criterion for the selection of party leaders at all levels. By doing so, we can guarantee that capable and deserving individuals, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to contribute to the growth and development of our party and society as a whole.

As leaders of the APC in Kano, it is your responsibility to lead by example and ensure that these reforms are implemented effectively. It is the duty of every member to demand accountability, transparency, and fairness within our party structures. We need leaders who prioritise the ideals of the APC and work relentlessly to achieve the collective goals of progress, development, and unity.

In conclusion, I implore you to seize this moment as an opportunity to rejuvenate and reorganize the Kano APC. Let us establish a party that embodies the principles of inclusiveness, merit, discipline, and loyalty, where hardworking men and women are recognized and rewarded, and where the voices of the people are truly represented. Together, we can create a stronger and more effective party that truly serves the interests of the people of Kano.

Musaddiq Wada Waziri, an APC loyalist wrote from Kano.

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