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Dr. Zainab Bagudu and the obsession for orphans, indigents


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Affluence and humility are distant human character traits, they are so opposed to each other that people in affluence are seen by a large number of people in the society as hugely away from humility, often misunderstood as social sophistication that keeps them away from the poor.

Talking about humility and self-induced social responsibility to the people, Dr. Zainab Bagudu comes mind, I began to analyze her human contributions as a doctor and the wife of a governor, as a doctor her contributions are immeasurable.
Zainab Bagudu’s pet project MEDICAID has become a worldwide cancer prevention initiative that has roughly saved thousands of lives and still saving much more through free cancer testing, free treatment, and advocacy.
The human saving project didn’t limit itself to cancer alone it has involved in a wide range of health outreaches, one of such include sight giving outreach where hundreds of hitherto virtually impaired persons regained sight, while another benevolent gesture of the project was various outreaches on free surgery to people who cannot afford but have serious health challenges.
We are all living witnesses to Micheal lake foundation that had severally partnered MEDICAID in giving free drugs to the indigents in Kebbi state.
Zainab’s love for the orphans has seen in her frequent visits to the state orphanages and her rather continuous assistance to the motherless babies so much as many identify her as “mama” orphanage.
Her magnanimous strides in putting smiles on the lips of the have-nots extend to homes of orphans who lost their parents to natural deaths.
She has been in the habit of footing both medical and school bills of children from an indigent background.
In my own opinion hers is not love, but a visible obsession for the poor.
Ours is to blow her trumpet since she refused to do so, we will continue through the ink to bring to public knowledge what the pediatric consultant is doing with her time and energy.
How she has been able to marry the two herculean tasks of taking care of her husband and reaching the needies is even more fascinating.
The sky remains the limit of a philanthropist of our time. 
In addition, Dr. Zainab tirelessly visits villages and hamlets in Kebbi state to identify those in need and assist them.
Aside from human assistance, she sensitizes pregnant women on the need for them to visit hospitals and/or primary healthcare facilities for antenatal care (ANC). The intent is to ensure the safety of mothers and their unborn babies, which to a large extent have reduced maternal mortality.
Evidently, thousands of babies and their mothers were saved through sustained advocacy, Kebbi is now recording low child deaths. 


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